The Big Purpose

Welcome everyone! On this post I will be telling you what I will be posting, what I will be encouraging, and what has inspired me to start this page. I’ll start out with what I will be posting; I will be posting mainly blogs about travelling. The different ideas that I have for travel locations, information on things such as food, cultures, and things to do around the locations during the day and night. As my page progresses I will try and post different stores to buy travel gear, and different souvenirs, or accessories that can make your travelling experience better. With this page I am hoping to encourage my readers, if they haven’t travelled much or at all, to go out and experience the world that we live in. With all of my other readers I am hoping to teach them about the cultures of the areas that they have already visited, or are going to visit, share with them different locations that they haven’t been to so that they can go and have an even better time at the location, and different ideas that they can use to make their trips less expensive and more enjoyable. I am also hoping that the different people reading this would be able to provide feedback on my articles and maybe even teach me a couple things on what I am posting as well. I am hoping that the feedback could help teach me more about the areas that I am posting on because I will mainly be posting based off of research that I’ve done, and not experience. I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida in hopes of experiencing new things and fulfilling my urge to travel. I travelled to France and Spain in high school and I fell in love with it. I want to travel even more while in college but I am currently living on a college student budget and paying for tuition in the school that I am at is difficult, let alone travelling to another country and paying the tuition there without scholarships. I am hoping that I can also learn about different ways to travel cheaply so that I will be able to take advantage of that and to be able to travel in the near future.


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