get yourself piece of this pie

As you all know, my blog is about travelling and different ideas on where to travel. This time I am going to switch it up and post about my all time favorite subject, food. I absolutely love food and the only reason why I am not a star of a new reality show is because i also love to work out. Instead of travelling to a different area, I am going to travel to a restaurant that is near me and one that I actually work at. Its name is Plaza Pizza. It is an extremely popular pizza joint around the area that is known by all of the old timers because it is cheap, it has been around for a long time, and the recipe has never changed. The pizza that is sold is Sicilian style pizza and it really gives a bang for its buck. On my lunch break I always have to make sure to grab a slice or two because after making it for so long I just can’t help it anymore.


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