My Two True Loves

I have recently read a prompt that asked: “If you could split your time evenly between two places, which would you chose?”  This prompt has actually made me think about what I would do because there are so many things I would want to do in the many places that I would want to be in. I would possibly say I want to split my time in an all you can eat buffet, and in the gym.

While I love travelling, I don’t think that this would be appropriate for the prompt because it would involve many places. So, I have decided to focus on the two other things that I love to do, eating and working out. I was always fed pretty well as a child and it grew with me as I became a college student. I also started to love working out as I became more involved with sports. I am trying to become a body builder and that means that the two things that I have to do are the ones that I truly love: eating, sleeping, and working out constantly. It would also help out a lot with the stress that I encounter because of the massive amount of homework and tests that I usually have to worry about.


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