Who needs a translator when in Spain?

The first place that I am going to post about is a country that I have actually visited once. This country is Spain. I have no comprehension of Spanish, Catalonian, or any other language that is spoken there but the people there are possibly some of the friendliest people that I have ever met. While I was there I purchased a fedora and I tried to wear it like a normal hat. A person came up to me speaking Spanish and was using a lot of hand gestures so I thought that he was upset. It turned out that he was trying to fix my hat. After using a translator, we had a conversation about to wear fedoras, and he bought me a coffee. It was a pleasant surprise compared to how a lot of people from back home are. The culture that is there is also amazing. I saw people dancing in the streets, music constantly playing, and people constantly walking around like they had no worries and nowhere to be. The beaches there are also incredible. I can’t recall what the name of the beach was, but I do recall it translating to the seashell bay I believe. This bay had some of the bluest waters that I have ever seen and it had the softest sand that I have ever stepped on in my life. There was constantly people walking around, swimming, and playing in the sand. I also got stopped by a couple who apparently thought I was some sort of celebrity, or they wanted to make fun of an American tourist and my translator was in on it. The bars are also extremely insistent that you have a drink as well. While there, I was thirsty and hungry so some friends and I went in and asked for a coke. The bartender was very insistent that instead of a coke, we get a bottle of rum. We were on a supervised trip at this time so we couldn’t accept it. All in all, Spain is a beautiful country and I will definitely be writing more on it but unfortunately I have to conclude my post with the bar story. Until next time!